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UNICEF is currently running a fundraising campaign where all donations will be triple-matched. For further details, click here. The deadline for this campaign is October 31, 2014.

Translators Without Borders helps connect translators with NGOs. To contribute to the organization, and to read more about their work with the CDC during the Ebola outbreak, click here.
University YMCA | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University YMCA Fundraising Campaign

The University YMCA has begun a fundraising campaign to contribute to on-going projects that are tackling the Ebola outbreak. The aim is to raise $10,000 to support the humanitarian relief work being conducted by the Sierra Leone YMCA and an additional $10,000 to fund an education and prevention tool using cell phone technology that will be produced in by SAWBO.

To learn more about the campaign and to make a donation, please click here.
To view the YMCA's press release, click here.
To learn more about the impact that your donation will make, click here.

Women's Response to Ebola - Sierra Leone (WRESL)
WRESL is a national NGO in Sierra Leone that is currently working on the ground to spread awareness on Ebola prevention as well as working with local communities to meet their needs.
To support and learn more about their current efforts, please click here.

UN World Food Programme

The World Food Programme (WFP) has expanded its response to Ebola, to assist in alleviating the impact that the outbreak is having on access to food. The response targets three countries that have been impacted the most by the outbreak: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Recipients of assistance include patients that are under quarantine, those receiving treatment, as well as their family members.

To learn more about the WFP program or to donate, please click here.

U-Foundation Eradicate Ebola
The U-Foundation, a local NGO located in Liberia has begun a fundraising campaign to support their efforts on the ground. Program activities of the foundation include the distribution of cell phones to facilitate reporting and healthcare of patients that have contracted Ebola, awareness campaigns, training of social workers, transportation of patients, re-opening and supplying hospitals, as well as assisting with home care programs.

To learn more about the U-Foundation and to donate to their campaign, please click here.


Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders has been on the ground facilitating and providing healthcare for communities in Ebola-stricken areas. They have also played a significant role in data reporting and assessment of the outbreak in multiple countries.

To learn more about the work that MSF is doing to respond to the ebola outbreak, and to donate to their efforts, please click here.
The AllAfrica Foundation has partnered with the Heartt Foundation to raise funds to support the work of volunteer healthcare professionals that are assisting in the response to the Ebola outbreak. To learn more about the partnership, and why allAfrica had decided to support this campaign, please click here.

Partners in Health has partnered with two local organizations to assist in its response: Last Mile Health in Liberia and Wellbody Alliance in Sierra Leone. With these partners, PIH has worked to train healthcare works and provide healthcare to patients.

To read more about PIH's response to the Ebola outbreak, please click here.

US-Africa Logo
The U.S. Africa Network has compiled a list of organizations that are working to tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. To view the full list, please click here. The organization's website also provides a context to the current crisis, and shares guidelines for responding to it.

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